Jessica Biel: I'm Changing My Name

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Jessica Biel: I'm Changing My Name
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The hot button issue at Hollyscoop right now, and by hot button, I mean, something me and the photo editor Molly were wondering about, is whether or not Jessica Biel will change her name to Jessica Timberlake.

The answer is YES. There’s gonna be two JT’s now, b-tches!

“Yes, I’m changing my name,” Biel told People, “My professional name will still be the same, but for life, yes, I think it sounds great.”

Do you know how many Jessicas around the world scribbled the name Jessica Timberlake into their trapper keepers circa the N’SYNC era? Like, so many, I’m sure.

“I think I really won the jackpot of names,” said Jess.

Jess is clearly basking in post-wedding glow, adding, “It’s hard to find that one person in the world. Once you find that person, go for it. That kind of commitment is very special.”

Did you know a lot of famous ladies have changed their last name for their man? Only thing is, we never refer to them by their married name.

Demi Moore was legally changed to Demi Kutcher after their 4th wedding anniversary, but apparently it never caught on professionally.

Courtney Cox was Courtney Cox Arquette for years, but when she started “Cougar Town” she had dropped the Arquette, even before she and David separated.

Salma Hayek is technically Salma Pinault, but we’ve yet to hear anyone call her by that name.

Katy Perry was actually Katy Brand for a hot minute after she married Russell Brand.

Rebecca Romijn became Rebecca Romijn Stamos for years, even now that she’s married to Jerry O’Connell, everyone STILL calls her Rebecca Romijn Stamos.

Victoria Beckham is literally the only famous lady who actually uses her married name. I don’t even know what her maiden name is. Ok, Googled it, it is Adams. Did not know that.