Jessica Biel Finally Wears Her Engagement Ring in Public

February 20, 2012 By:
Jessica Biel Finally Wears Her Engagement Ring in Public

Finally! Since Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake announced that they were engaged they basically went into hiding.

I don’t know what the secretive couple is so scared of, but they probably went into an underground celebrity hideaway along with Anne Hathaway where nobody can snap pics of your ring finger!

Drew Barrymore on the other hand, talks about her engagement ring like her finger is about to fall off.

So anyways, Jessica Biel finally publicly flaunted her new accessory in New York City on Saturday night at the SNL after-party.

The couple rarely travels together in public, but Biel was Timberlake’s date after he made a brief guest appearance on SNL this weekend.

“[They] were very lovey all night and kissed a few times,” a guest at the party tells People. Another source adds that they kissed in front of the crew. Wow. Just wow. In front of the crew? No way. Those normals probably didn’t know what hit them. Two celebrities?! Kissing? Welcome to the rest of your lives, crew members.

Apparently SNL cast members were coming up to Biel all night and getting all “girl talk-y” about Biel’s ring. Amy Poehler and Kristen Wiig reportedly “loved the ring and chatted [Biel] up about it.”

When Biel attended the Golden Globes last month, she wore nothing on her ring finger, but on Saturday night, “Jessica was showing off her ring,” a source tells Us.

What a weird place to choose to flaunt your ring for the first time. The SNL after party? I’m thinking that brunch with your favorite gal pals is more, “show us the ring,” right?