Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Too Busy To Tie The Knot

August 2, 2012 By:
Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake Too Busy To Tie The Knot

Jessica Biel made an appearance last night to promote her latest film "Total Recall" and managed to work in some bits about her pending wedding to Justin Timberlake. The super hot actress admits that with both her and Justin's busy schedules, she fears they may not have the time to actually make it happen.

USA Today has the interview which included co-star Kate Beckinsale, some movie talk, some manicure talk, and most importantly boy talk. Which is super duper important when the boy happens to be JT.

In regards to the TBD nuptials, Biel says "I'm excited about it."

But hasn’t spent a lot of time in her life imagining most girls biggest day ever, "I actually never ever in my wildest dreams thought it would ever happen to me. … I never dreamt about what I would wear, what it would look like or what it would be.“

Then she drops “Even now I still just feel like, I don't even know when it will ever happen because we're so busy."

If it does ever happen though, she want it paparazzi free. "That's all I wish, for whenever it may be, is just privacy. That's it. If we can have that, anything else can go wrong. I don't care."

But back to this whole “busy” thing -- one of the things keeping them too occupied to vow to be together forever is a pending creative collaboration.

Timberlake is planning to do the music for a film Biel is involved in called “The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea.” She gushes "I'm so thrilled that he wants to do that, because I mean, I'm like his No. 1 fan, as dorky as that sounds."

So seriously Miss No. 1 fan, can’t you slide your people a bonus check or something and make them sit down and work a wedding ceremony into your calendar somewhere?

I mean, shouldn’t marrying arguably the most famous boy bander of all time fall into a list of priorities?

Not that we’re judging (or jealous) or anything…