Gerard Butler Calls Jessica Biel 'The One That Got Away'?

November 13, 2012 By:
Gerard Butler Calls Jessica Biel 'The One That Got Away'?

We all know Jessica Biel is a raging babe, but is she really “the one that got away”?

Word around the Internet gossip universe is that Gerard Butler has been drowning himself in cartons of Ben & Jerry’s and man tears ever since Jessica Biel tied the knot with Justin Timberlake last month. Well, not really…but The Ugly Truth actor is said to be super upset. reports that—according to a source close to the muscular 43-year-old—Mr. Butler “genuinely believes she [Jessica] was the one that got away.”

“Gerard doesn’t have many regrets but not treating Jessica with the respect she deserved while they dated is one of them," the source said.

If your celebrity mind databases are serving you properly, then you might remember a Butler and Biel fling around the time they were shooting Playing for Keeps in 2011.

But, according to Gerard’s rep Liz Mahoney, the actor isn’t exactly kicking himself over the past…

“There is no truth to this [the reports]," Mahoney told Hollyscoop.

So what exactly is going on with the opposing stories? Actually, it’s not that hard to figure out. You see, Gerard’s a dude--a hot due--who can have any girl he wants. Well, except Jessica.

The initial report claims that the actor regrets not putting a ring on it before JT snatched her up.

“Jessica liked Gerard a lot, she was into his boyish nature, but she wanted something more serious,” the Radar source added. “She was ready to settle down.”

When Gerard’s done being a Hollywood baller—which doesn’t seem to happening anytime soon—then he’ll talk about settling down and ceasing fire on all the single ladies.