Are Short Films the New Featured Films?

August 11, 2008 By:
Are Short Films the New Featured Films?

The 4th annual HollyShorts Film Festival kicked off in Hollywood last week and Jessica Biel, Josh Brolin and David Arquette came out to promote their short films.

Actress Jessica Biel took on a producers role for her project “Hole in the Paper Sky," which she also starred in. Jessica wanted to bring awareness of experimentation of animals in her film. We asked Jessica if she preferred producing over acting to which she replied:

“I love what I do in my day job, but I love being apart of the elements that I usually don’t get to be apart of. The creative parts that doesn’t have to do with the character, the sound of it, the look of it. Who are we going to hire? Who are we going to cast? Its interesting to be apart of the behind the scenes stuff. “

Josh Brolin was promoting his short filmed “X,” which is about a estranged father who reunites with his daughter on the quest to find his wife. Josh Brolin wrote, directed, and produced the film, which also stars his daughter Eden Brolin.

When we asked Eden what it was like working with her father she said, “It was really fun, easy, I love him. We had a great time together. He let me do my own thing, but he would give me tips. It was great.”

In regards to his inspiration for the role, Brolin said, “The inspiration was the parent child relationship, in crisis circumstances, anything that deals with parent child stories, I've always been fascinated by.”

Actor David Arquette was also on hand promoting his short film “Nosebleed,” a movie about heartbreak directed by Jeff Vespa. We asked if he would ever direct his own daughter in a film, to which he replied:

“If I was directing it or something it kind of would be fun. When you grow up in the business, it's almost like films become kind of like a photo album in a weird way. I don’t know, getting in the whole public thing is a little strange. But if a kid shows they want to do that, there’s no real stopping them.”

Writer Paul Haggis was also being honored for his accomplishments in film. We asked him to give us some scoop on his latest 007 film "Quantum of Solace," but you have to check out the video for the scoop on that. And don't forget to check out our behind the scenes coverage, Red Carpet Diaries.