Why is Pregnant Jessica Alba Crying?

February 18, 2011 By:
Why is Pregnant Jessica Alba Crying?

In this still from the Jimmy Kimmel show, Jessica Alba doesn't look like a woman who just found out she's having a baby. Well, unless that woman is Katy Perry, because I'd cry, too, if I was responsible for Russell Brand's DNA being replicated.

No, of course, it was just the fine craft of acting. Alba filmed a skit with Kimmel about his secret to keeping Hollywood bodies in shape. Eva Longoria and Kelly Ripa are also featured in the skit.

Alba and husband Cash Warren are still happy and excited over her pregnancy.

"Can't tell you how much the positive tweets mean," Warren Tweeted Wednesday night.

I knew you weren't crying, Alba! You'll never fool me! Not in this Jimmy Kimmel skit, not in Honey, and certainly not in the Fantastic Four.

Don't even start on how I'm "being mean". Type "Jessica Alba te-" into Google, and see what the second suggestion is. It's "Jessica Alba terrible actress". There, you made me say it.

The skit will air on the Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards special on Sunday, Feb. 27 on ABC.