Jessica Alba: Marriage is a Load of Crap

February 7, 2010 By:
Jessica Alba: Marriage is a Load of Crap

Jessica Alba has jokingly been nicknamed "MiserAlba" online by bloggers because she always...well...looks miserable. And judging from the interview she just gave to Cosmopolitan magazine, we now why.

Alba, who stars in the upcoming romantic comedy Valentine's Day married husband Cash Warren back in May of 2008, but clearly their relationship isn't peachy keen.

“I had a hard time agreeing with marriage at all because I feel like its been warped,” said Alba told Cosmopolitan magazine. “Originally, it was two families coming together to make a stronger family. It was about survival — not love or soul mates.

“And now the way they market marriage — even as a kid through Disney movies — is that it’s all about Prince Charming sweeping you off your feet.

“There’s this mentality that you need the big dress and the big day — the day every girl gets to be a princess. I didn’t agree with any of that. This tradition of obeying your husband like he’s your king? It’s a load of crap. Love and honor, yes. But you should love and honor yourself too, and all your friends.”

If she's so bitter about marriage, why did she tie the knot in the first place? “I chose to get married because, essentially, you’re given a deck of cards in life,” she said. “The hand you were dealt with is your family and you can’t choose them."

Ouch! What do you think of Jessica's comment about marriage? Tell us your thoughts!