Jessica Alba Lip Syncs In Music Video

March 24, 2008 By:
Jessica Alba Lip Syncs In Music Video

Jessica Alba had a little fun over the weekend lip-synching to a Panic At The Disco song called "Take It To The Streets." And from the sounds of her blog, Jess is totally over being preggers.

My fun ibeatyou video!

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Easter. We had another funny run in with the papparazzi. Guess they even work on holidays. It's hot here in socal. Being preggers in this heat takes everything to another level. We shot a quirky group lip dub music video for ibeatyou. Check it out!! We invited a bunch of users from the site and put this together last Saturday.
If you think you and your friends or you and your co-workers can compete…Bring it!! Upload your videos to and let's see who gets crowned King…lol! The site is open now so anyone can sign up.

Been playing a lot of board games lately…apples to apples is a new favorite of mine. I know super cool right

I went out for the first time in a LONNNG while this Saturday. Cash threw our close friend Baron Davis a surprise birthday party. Baron was clearly surprised as his bday is a month away…Lol! Anyone else been forced to watch college basketball nonstop lately? Cash manages to have it on every TV in our house 24/7.

Be well guys and check out our music video…hope you get a good laugh. JA aka Jay_eh