Jessica Alba Having a Girl

April 2, 2008 By:
Jessica Alba Having a Girl

What's with celebrities and their weird baby names? Star magazine is reporting that Jessica Alba is having a girl and she's going to name ready for it?...HONOR WARREN.

Apparently a friend of Alba's went into a jewelry store in LA and had Honor spelled out on a charm bracelet. "This woman was so exited that Jessica is having a girl," says the source.

"She said she loved the name too, Honor, and said Jessica picked it because she felt it was an honor to have Cash's baby. She said she couldn't wait to give it to Jessica this weekend. She asked twice if the bracelet would be ready by then."

The guest wanted the bracelet ready for this weekend for Jessica's baby shower, which is being thrown by her manager Chris Henze's wife at a private home in LA on April 6. What do you guys think of the name? Love it or hate it?