Jessica Alba Has Learned To 'Own' Her Sexiness

May 15, 2012 By:
Jessica Alba Has Learned To 'Own' Her Sexiness

Jessica Alba is complaining about being hot again. #FirstWorldProblems

The actress, 31, graces the June 2012 cover of Marie Claire magazine and remembers all the way back to when she was 19 and starring on “Dark Angel.”

She says nobody took her seriously, because she was just too sexy. Newsflash, maybe it was because you were in a movie called “Honey” and sometimes appear in “Spy Kids” films.

“I had a show that premiered when I was 19. And right away, everyone formed a strong opinion about me because of the way I was marketed,” Alba tells the mag, “I was supposed to be sexy, this tough action girl. That’s what people expected.”

She even got a stylist, to de-sexify her for red carpet events.

“I felt like I was being objectified, and it made me uncomfortable. I wanted to be chic and elegant,” Alba cries.

Try as she may, it's Alba's curves that have made her so famous. Or as designer Donatella Versace says, “She has the perfect body, sexy with curves. She is true to herself. She always looks fresh, never vulgar.”

We’re going to take Donatella’s compliment with a grain of salt. Donatella kind of IS the original “tanorexic mom.”

Now a mom to daughters Honor, 4, and Haven, 9 months, with husband Cash Warren, Alba has hired stylist Brad Goreski and no longer “dresses for men.”

“Now that I’m older, I’ve learned how to own it, but I’m still not very overt,” says Alba, “There are some women who dress for men. I dress for myself. It took me some time to get here. Being a mom and feeling grown-up have helped. Now if I’m going to wear something short, it has to have a high neck or a little sci-fi toughness to it, an edge.”

Verdict still out on what “sci-fi” toughness is.