Jessica Alba Complains About Perfect Body

August 16, 2013 By:
Jessica Alba Complains About Perfect Body

Jessica Alba has had two kids and somehow has a petite body.

Whatever logic convinced Lindsay Lohan that she needed filler injected into her cheeks at age 25 is the same madness that just caused Jessica Alba to criticize her invisible “muffin top.”

In an interview with Women’s Health UK, Jessica just started listing her non-existent flaws, “I have cellulite and stretch marks – and I have a muffin top! I [also] have a brutally short attention span. It means I’m useless at working out. I get so bored.”

Maybe it’s her desire to seem more relatable to the modern woman like, “Hey guys, I have a muffin top and curves like you! Is that offensive? I don’t know, I’m so famous and out of touch with reality!”

Apparently Jessica can’t get through a workout because of her “brutally short attention span,” but says she stays in shape because she eats healthy.

“I started cooking for myself at 12 because a lot of food my family ate was processed. I wanted fresh. I eliminated microwave foods, things with too much salt, and tried to eat more natural food, things that were cooked in a kitchen as opposed to a factory.”