Celebs React to Prop 8 Hearing

March 27, 2013 By:
Celebs React to Prop 8 Hearing
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Today the Supreme Court heard arguments surrounding what is becoming the civil rights movement of our generation.

The government’s federal branch will decide whether or not Prop. 8, California’s voter determined same-sex marriage ban, is unconstitutional or not.

Meanwhile, celebrities have spoken up in support of their gay and lesbian fellow citizens. Here’s what they’re saying…

Jesse Tyler Ferguson: History in the making: @AFER ‘s Olson and Boies arrive at @SCOTUS. @MarriageEquality.

Evan Rachel Wood: Separation of church and state. Period. #marriageequality

Chelsea Handler: Eagerly awaiting news from today's Supreme Court hearing on @Prop8. #UnitedForMarriage

Kristen Bell: today, the Supreme court is hearing 1 of the most important cases in history," Kristen Bell tweeted. "dont sleep on it #equalitymatters."

Ricky Martin: Supreme Court #SCOTUS  #Prop8 #UnitedForMarriage #Time4Marriage #loveconquershate #OneMomAndOneDadisOK #TwoDadsIsOK #TwoMomsIsOK

Katie Couric: A historic day as @scotus hears case on Prop 8! We look at what it means for gay families in America on @KatieShow

Aylssa Milano: Changed my profile picture and header in support of marriage equality. Feel free to do the same!

Russell Simons: I hope that the Supreme Court stands on the right-side of history today by acknowledging marriage equality for all.

Ryan Murphy: A very exciting day. #federalequality

Seth MacFarlane: Supreme Court, stop acting like cowards. Now IS the time for a broad ruling to make the leap into the 20th century. --Sincerely, the 21st.

Andy Cohen: All eyes on #SCOTUS - today is about equality! Overturn this hateful #prop8 !