Sandra Bullock's Friends Are Pissed at Jesse James

June 22, 2010 By:
Sandra Bullock's Friends Are Pissed at Jesse James

Jesse James is moving to Texas to be closer to Sandra Bullock and that's really pissing off her friends.

Sandra's friends feel that Jesse is only moving to try to win her back. His excuse is that he is moving so Sandra can be close to the kids.

Jesse James Creeping Closer to Sandra

“Of all the towns in America, he had to pick the one place that Sandra loves?” a source close to Bullock told PopEater.

“He knows that Austin is her home, the one place in the world where Sandy can be ‘Sandy’ rather than ‘Sandra Bullock, the Movie Star.’ When is this fool going to stop hurting her?”

The people of Austin are not so happy about Jesse coming to town either. “The feeling seems like he’s not wanted in Austin and shouldn’t come,” one person said.

Meanwhile, many are worried that Sandra is considering taking Jesse back. She is reportedly stalling on the divorce plans in order to re-evaluate her relationship with Jesse.


“She’s stalling,” said one pal. “I think she has forgiven Jesse.”

Do you guys think Sandra should consider giving Jesse James another chance? Will he really change?