New Emails Released Between Jesse and Mistress Employee

April 12, 2010 By:
New Emails Released Between Jesse and Mistress Employee

By now we all know Jesse James wasn’t just cheating here and there on Sandra Bullock, but he was almost leading a completely separate life. Today, new emails have surfaced between James and a female employee at West Coast Choppers.

Merilee Gerth worked for James in 2007, and when she decided to end their inappropriate relationship, she was fired on the spot. Gerth hired Gloria Allred at the time, and filed a lawsuit against her former boss, claiming sexual harassment. "Merilee had irrefutable evidence of her affair with Jesse so they ended up settling out of court.” That settlement was well into six figures, a friend tells Radar Online.

All of the emails have been made public today. They read:

On January 15, 2007:

"Morning! look pretty Hot today......juss fyi."

January 17, 2007:

Jesse - "When are you gonna be back?"

Merilee - "Noon.....or if you want I can go later today after you leave for Laughlin. Want me to resched?"

Jesse - "Naaw isss ok just get no love anymore......"

December 19, 2006

Jesse - "I'm cold!"

Merilee - "Do you want me to bring you a heater? I have one in my office you can use. It isn't the best heater... but it helps."

Jesse - "My heat is on......"

Merilee - "I put it outside of your office door. Plug it in and put it under your desk."

Jesse - "You coulda came can keep it you need it more than I do........I'm juss being a baby."

Merilee - "You have a 'do not disturb' sign up on your door."

Jesse - "So"

Merilee - "So I'm not disturbing you!"

Jesse - "You might be.....but you've seen it before."

January 9, 2007

Jesse - "In a meeting?"

Merilee - "No...I'm done."

Jesse - "Need anything before I split?....."

Merilee - "Some tums."

Jesse - "I have some special fluid that you can drink and i t makes it all better...."

"Only a select few get to go in Jesse's office. That's where Merilee and Jesse carried on their sexual relationship," the friend says. "Not only did he have a copy of Mein Kampf in there but he also had a Nazi uniform hanging up in his office."

As if Jesse wasn’t screwed enough already, now Sandra Bullock has plenty of proof if and when she takes him to divorce court.