Mistress #1 Will Release More Info About Jesse James Affair

March 30, 2010 By:
Mistress #1 Will Release More Info About Jesse James Affair

Is today mistress tell-all day?! First #3, aka Brigitte Daguerre speaks up, and now it’s #1’s turn. Michelle McGee released a statement today via her new website, MichelleBombshell.com.

The site is dedicated to naked pictures and videos of Michelle that subscribers can purchase. She claims the timing of the website going live has nothing to do with the Jesse James scandal going public and that it’s just coincidental.

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The statement reads: "To all the people that think Michelle planned this drama, we can assure that if she had planned it, we would have had our pay-site and merchandise store ready for public consumption. We were caught off guard, but we will have our full pay-site up in the next couple weeks."

In related news, McGee claims she has more to say about James, and will be breaking her silence soon enough. The website claims, "We...know that the entire world is waiting to hear from Michelle regarding all of the extreme bull**** that is being thrown around out there.

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"We DO NOT tolerate any racism, bigotry or hateful promotion...Soon Michelle will be able to clear the air in her first interview since this scandal broke."

She’s not doing anyone any favors by taking her time. We wish she’d just say her piece and disappear already!