Judge to Jesse James: You're Free to Move

July 20, 2010 By:
Judge to Jesse James: You're Free to Move

Jesse James may have been voted the "most hated man in America" earlier this year but he's still a better dad than his cracked out ex-porn star wife Janine Lindemulder.

And even the judge saw the good in him when he awarded him custody today. Jesse scored big today in court when the judge ruled Jesse and Janine will have joint legal custody, but Jesse will have physical custody. So basically he's free to move to Texas with little Sunny in order to be closer to his other ex Sandra Bullock.

But Janine didn't get totally shafted. The judge allowed her to have physical custody of Sunny until school starts in Texas.

TMZ spoke with Janine after the ruling, and she said she could not complete with Jesse and Sandra and the "nice things they provide." She said she may let Sunny go Texas early and hopes, "Someday I will be her mother again."

Jesse said that Sunny hasn't been sleeping since Sandra moved away and he wants to move to Texas so she can be closer to the only mom she's ever really known. But it's pretty obvious he's trying to get close because he's hoping for a reconciliation too.