Jesse James Wants Your Sympathy

July 15, 2010 By:
Jesse James Wants Your Sympathy

Jesse James really wants your sympathy. He wants it so bad he's willing to cry to get it.

Jesse showed up to court today for his ongoing custody trial with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder and put on quite a show a la Lindsay Lohan.

Jesse broke down in tears as he discussed his abuse as a child and struggle with alcoholism, reports People magazine.

His ex wife's lawyer asked him if he felt like he hit rock bottom and he replied, "Yes. To some degree." But, "I am continuing treatment," he added.

He added that he "was a victim of childhood abuse and trauma" and that he "pretty much raised myself."

In regards to his drinking habit he said, "That was a big Band-Aid for the pain I was in," he said in court. "I drank until I was 30."

While Jesse was trying to convince the judge to allow him to take Sunny with him to Texas, Janine's new X rated porn flick Dirty Desires was just released. What a great influence. We can't possibly imagine why the judge wouldn't let her have full custody.