Jesse James: Sandra Won't Let Me See Her Son

May 16, 2011 By:
Jesse James: Sandra Won't Let Me See Her Son

Jesse James cheated on Sandra Bullock, publicly shamed her, confessed to the world that his new fiancé Kat Von D is 100% better in bed than Sandy, but still hopes to be a good dad to her adopted son.

Go ahead and hold your breath for that one Jesse.

After being denied contact with Louis, he said: “I hope that some day when he grows up that he knows that, you know, he had a good dad, or still has one. You know? If the opportunity to be part of his life ever presents itself, of course, you know I'll step up.”

Jesse and Sandra were supposed to adopt little Louis together, but when his cheating scandal went public, Sandra adopted him as a single mother.

For the most part Sandra tried to remain civil with Jesse after their divorce, but after he announced his engagement to Kat just won't after his divorce, Sandra understandably cut all ties with him.

I get that he has a book to sell so he's talking to just about everyone that will listen, but saying douchey things just makes you a douche. And you were already a douche, so maybe take a breather with the whole Sandra talk. Just a thought.