Jesse James On Nazi Pics: It Was Funny Then

May 25, 2010 By:
Jesse James On Nazi Pics: It Was Funny Then

The much anticipated Jesse James interview airs tonight on "Nightline," but ABC is slowly releasing topics that were discussed during the interview.

One very controversial topic that was discussed was the infamous Nazi pic, where James is giving the Hitler salute. James' explanation? "It was a joke ... that was funny then."

He then adds, "Looking at it in the context of now and my life, it's not funny."

Jesse James Tried to Get Caught

He also discussed telling Sandra everything after getting caught. "I just told her basically everything...that I had affairs outside of our marriage."

Asked if Sandra ever suspected anything he said, "I think she's had her suspicions ... in the past, and I lied, and lied my way out of it. I lied to everyone about everything, even to myself."

James also talked about Bullock's reaction on going to rehab to get help for his addiction to sex. He said that Sandra "was proud of me."

Do you guys think he is doing this interview to get sympathy from Sandra Bullock?