Jesse James Moving to Texas For Kids or Sandra?

July 13, 2010 By:
Jesse James Moving to Texas For Kids or Sandra?

So is Jesse James moving to Texas to be closer to Sandra Bullock? It sure seems that way!

James says that the sole purpose of the move is so his three kids can be close to their step mom Sandy and their adoptive brother, Louis. We’re sure that the main reason for the move is to try to get back into Sandra’s life.

Jesse is currently in a custody battle with his ex-wife Janine Lindemulder.
The judge is to make a decision whether Lindermulder can take their daughter Sunny out of California .

"Jesse treats me with great disregard as a mother, he doesn't want me in the picture," Lindemulder testified Tuesday. "I believe I'm trying to be replaced by Sandra Bullock. I can't compete with what they have."

During the hearing, James testified that Sunny visited him in rehab and she was staying with Sandra in Texas.

"Jesse's moving either way, and ideally Sunny is going with him," James's attorney John Schilling told People. "I think Sandra Bullock's role is irrelevant here. Of course she has a lot to offer his kids so it's a fringe benefit to bring them to Texas. But the focus in this case is Jesse and Janine as parents. Janine still has a lot to prove."

James thinks that Texas is a better place for the kids because it’s away from the prying eye of the paparazzi. "We have a big gated house with lots of land," he said. "Sandy and I spent time there and never once had a problem."

Do you guys think Sandra will eventually forgive him and let him back into her life?