Jesse James' Mistress Said She Would be Famous

March 19, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Mistress Said She Would be Famous

Jesse James’ mistress Michelle McGee definitely knew what she was doing when she hooked up with Sandra Bullock’s husband. Prior to the shocking news of their affair, McGee posed for photos in the magazine Tattoo Revue, and begged the founding editor Casey Exton to get on the cover.

According to Exton, Michelle knew she was about to blow up in the media. "I'm going to be hot real soon,” she reportedly told him. That was three months ago, and apparently she was pretty convincing, because not only did McGee get the cover, but the issue hit newsstands last week. Talk about perfect timing.

"It's a lucky hit," Exton told People. "I'm going back to print more issues."

According to one of McGee’s friends, she has always been "the kind of woman who would do anything if she thought it would make her famous."

The source said, "I would not surprised if she went after Jesse James because she thought it would bring her fame.”

Despite wanting to be in the limelight, a co-worker of McGee’s who cocktails at a strip club in San Diego, says Michelle isn’t a whore, and actually has morals. The co-worker told Us Weekly, "She's just kind of soaking it in and letting it fall into place. She's a really strong girl and can get through this."

That’s certainly an interesting way to look at it, given the fact that Michelle is the one who broke the story, and was reportedly paid $30,000 by In Touch for all the details.

She just leaves such a bad taste in our mouths! We don’t buy it that she’s a nice girl deep down. It’s just another whore looking for her 15 minutes.