Jesse James' Mistress Asked Him for Hush Money

March 23, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Mistress Asked Him for Hush Money

Jesse James' alleged mistress Michelle McGee is such a money grubbing fame whore she asked him to pay her hush money to keep her mouth shut.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Michelle asked Jesse to fund "a strip club/nightspot concept she dreamed up."

Jesse James' Mistress Has Always Been Obsessed With Him

When he refused to pay for her strip club dream, she literally went ape shit on him and went to In Touch Weekly with her story. They paid her $30,000.

"Michelle has a very short fuse, and she totally lost it when Jesse rejected her,'' said the source.

Sandra Bullock has been completely MIA since the scandal broke, and despite reports, she hasn't met with divorce lawyers...not yet at least.

Jesse James' Mistress Has a Swastika Tattoo

So will Sandra forgive Jesse? It's too soon to tell but it doesn't sound like Michelle is going away anytime soon. She's talking up a storm with anyone that's willing to pay for the interview. Trash will be trash.