Jesse James Leaves Wedding Ring at Rehab

April 26, 2010 By:
Jesse James Leaves Wedding Ring at Rehab

Jesse James is cured! He's no longer a sex addict. Just kidding. But he did leave rehab...sans wedding ring!

Jesse, who allegedly cheated on his wife Sandra Bullock, has checked out of the Sierra Tucson Rehab Facility, in Arizona, after being treated for sex addiction for several weeks. And he's already back in LA!

Jesse's Mistress Has a Message for Sandra

Jesse was seen on Monday taking his daughters to school before heading back to his house. He was not wearing his wedding ring.

He was later spotted riding his motorcycle to his West Coast Choppers business in Long Beach, California.

Sandra to Jesse James: Screw You!

Sandra resurfaced last week in Northern Cali sans her wedding ring as well. More signs that this couple is headed to splitsville.

Hmm wonder what's next in the Sandra/Jesse divorce/cheating scandal. We hear she's thisssss close to filing for divorce! What do you think is next for this couple?