Jesse James' Kids Staying With Older Woman

April 2, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Kids Staying With Older Woman

While Jesse James is in rehab in Arizona, his children are just trying to maintain some normalcy in their lives. While they’re young, (Chandler is 15, Jesse Jr. is 12, and Sunny is 6) we’re sure they have some idea about what’s been going on with their father.

According to reports, the three kids have been staying "with a woman who looks like a grandmother-type.”

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Sources tell Us Weekly the kids "are very comfortable with the woman. Earlier in the week the woman took Sunny to a local park after school.

"Sunny was having a great time on the swings," says the source. "She wanted to go higher and higher and, at one point, even stood up on the swing. She was laughing and screaming with joy while the woman pushed her."

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"She was riding fast and was very confident," says the source. "She had a smile on her face the entire time. If she is aware of the crisis going on at home, you wouldn't know it by looking at her."

We’re sure the little girl just wants everything to go back to normal. Her world has been turned upside down too! Jesse not only ruined Sandra Bullock’s life, but he’s affected his kids’ lives as well.