Jesse James: Kat Von D is 100% Better In Bed Than Sandra Bullock

May 4, 2011 By:
Jesse James: Kat Von D is 100% Better In Bed Than Sandra Bullock

Jesse James has been taking a lot of flack since cheating on and divorcing Sandra Bullock, but everyone should get a chance to tell their side of the story, and now, he is. Unfortunately, his side is: he's a douchebag.

In his upcoming book, Jesse James describes feeling "trapped" in his marriage to Sandra Bullock, using that as the reason he cheated on her, and continuing that he believed he "wanted to get caught" to get out of the marriage.

So basically, he has no balls. Which explains why he started dating that dude from LA Ink.

Speaking of which, James says the Kat Von D is "100% better" than Sandra in bed.

Well, that's nice. Yeah, dumping on America's sweetheart will get people liking you more. The only question that remains now is, at what point did Jesse James slip Sandra Bullock a roofie and drag her unconscious body to the courthouse to get her to marry him? Because she's pretty classy, and that combination was just unnatural. It was like pairing a filet mignon with a glass of bum urine.

As far as fiancé Kat, James says, "She fell in love with me when I was being called Satan," he said. "If that's not a testament to what kind of a person she is and where her intentions are, I think nothing is."

Yeah, she's a regular Mother Theresa.