Jesse James: Kat Von D Can Cheat on Me

May 6, 2011 By:
Jesse James: Kat Von D Can Cheat on Me

Jesse James knows first hand what it's like to be a cheating scumbag, so if his new fiancé Kat Von D wants to be just like him-he'll forgive her.

Jesse is so desperate to sell his new book, 'American Outlaw' he's talking up a storm about his affair, his failed marriage to Sandra Bullock, and new fiancé Kat hoping people will care enough to buy his new book.

We all know the history of Jesse cheating on Sandra, but now he insists that if Kat were to cheat on him, he'd gladly forgive her.

In an interview on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday he said: “If she cheated on me, I would forgive her and still love her.”

When quizzed by the shock jock on who was more “fun in bed”, the 'Monster Garage' host replied: “That one's an easy no-brainer. (It's Kat) 100 percent … She's a vixen."

"The way she, like, gets in my head and makes me feel - it's a mental thing. [We're] just connected on a whole different level.”

You know what you just got in my head? That you'll be a douchebag for life. How do you cheat on America's Sweetheart, publicly humiliate her then go on national radio and tell the world that your current girl is 100% better in bed? That's grade-A douchery for you.

Does his book sound remotely interesting to you? Would you pick up a copy?