Jesse James Has Paparazzo Arrested

March 25, 2010 By:
Jesse James Has Paparazzo Arrested

Jesse James is probably pretty fed up with the amount of paparazzi hanging out at his garage West Coast Choppers. But he definitely brought this upon himself!

But today it seems James had just had enough. According to TMZ, he made a citizen's arrest on a photographer who had been on his property.

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Law enforcement say the paparazzo called Long Beach police moments ago and reported that his car had been vandalized outside of West Coast Choppers by Jesse James.

Cops arrived at the business and Jesse claimed the photog had been stalking him. Jesse and the photog then made citizen's arrests on each other. Neither person has been brought into custody, but they are investigating.

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That's just what Jesse James needs right now--more trouble with the law. The pap may have been stalking him to get a good shot, but we could care less about Jesse's privacy right now!