Jesse James: Happy Birthday and 12 Years Sober?!

April 19, 2012 By:
Jesse James: Happy Birthday and 12 Years Sober?!

The birthday wishes poured in Thursday via tweets to bad boy and motorcycle mogul Jesse James.

The former "Monster Garage" star turns 43 today and among the cheerful stream of well wishes, one particular tweet caught Hollyscoop’s eye.

“Happy birthday and 12 years sober to the best dad on planet earth,” Jesse’s daughter Chandler tweeted to her father.

12 years? Let’s rewind a couple of those years…

In March 2010, TMZ reported that James was pulled over by police in Blythe, California for driving without a front license plate and having dark, tinted windows.

James was on his way to Arizona to check himself into rehab, trying to save his now terminated marriage to actress Sandra Bullock.

People Magazine later confirmed with staff at the Sierra Tucson rehabilitation treatment center in Tucson, Arizona that James had, in fact, checked in. The center specializes in several areas, including alcoholism and drug addiction.

To be fair, there was a lot speculation as to what James was actually in rehab for and it was never confirmed what addiction was being treated.

"Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues," James’ rep told People Magazine. “"He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage."

A quick lesson in the rules of subtraction tells us that 2012 minus 2010 is only two years. So what are we missing here?

Whatever it is, there is at least one girl who doesn't care and has stolen James' heart.

“I love you sweet pea!” James tweeted back to his daughter.

Yes, the Sierra Tucson center handles personal issues other than drug and alcohol abuse. But come on…

When back-and-forth lover Kat Von D tweets “SONG OF THE DAY: "Suffer Well" by Depeche Mode (M83 remix)” we start reading between the tweets.

Happy birthday Jesse and congrats on the sobriety, we wish you luck!