Jesse James Got Mistress Pregnant

April 2, 2010 By:
Jesse James Got Mistress Pregnant

The Jesse James scandal has become just like the Tiger Woods scandal. Every day there is something new and dirty that is revealed about James just like there was with Woods.

The latest is that James reportedly got one of his mistresses pregnant.

“Jesse got a mistress pregnant,” a source told Radar Online. “Jesse knew about it.”

Don't be in a panic. She did not have the baby.

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Obviously, Bullock was unaware of the pregnancy just like she was unaware of most of the things her cheating husband was doing while being married.

Meanwhile, James is really desperate to save his marriage to Sandra.

Speaking to the Associated Press, his friend and lawyer Joe Yanny said allegations of marital infidelity against James have ruined James' life.

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“This whole thing has destroyed Jesse’s entire universe,” Yanny said. “Right now, he’s a broken man.

Destroyed his entire universe? Really? He wasn't thinking about all that when he was inserting his you know what into all those dirty women. Sandra is the only one who is hurting right now. If he cared for her so much, he would have never put her through what he did.