Jesse James Gets Sole Custody of Daughter

July 27, 2011 By:
Jesse James Gets Sole Custody of Daughter

Jesse James might not be much of a husband, but apparently, he's a good dad. James was awarded sole custody of his seven year-old daughter, Sunny, in an Orange County, California courthouse on Monday.

For seven years, James has been battling with Sunny's mother, Janine Lindemulder. James' lawyer, John Schiling, explains that if Lindemulder decides to relocate to Texas to be near her daughter, she'll have to go to rehab. If she stays in Califnoria, she can only have monitored visitation.

So these are the types of women banging Jesse James.

"Jesse feels vindicated," Schilling says. "This is what he's been claiming all along, that Janine needs therapy."

If you've ever been desperate enough to hook up with Jesse James, yeah, I'd say you need therapy. So I really don't get what Sandra Bullock was thinking. She's an intelligent, Oscar-winning actress with a gorgeous face and everything going for her. And Jesse James looks like he smells.

In the wake of her breakup with the motorcycle mogul, Kat Von D pissed off the hosts and producers of Good Day L.A. by storming offset right before the interview. She was apparently upset that they started the interview off with a clip of her getting a Jesse James tattoo on L.A. Ink.

Apparently, aside from her Twitter account and reality show, Kat Von D is a very private person. James has yet to comment on the breakup.