Jesse James' Father Was Also a Cheater

March 24, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Father Was Also a Cheater

Jesse James seems to have followed in his father’s cheating footsteps when he acted outside his own marriage. According to a new report, James’ father also struggled with being faithful.

A family friend tells Us Weekly that “We all saw it coming,” referring to Jesse’s infidelities. According to the source, cheating is in “his nature.”

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The insider points out that James’ father Larry often cheated on his wives and girlfriends when Jesse was younger. "Every time Jesse would get close to a stepmom or a girlfriend, the dad would cheat and somebody new was in the picture," the source says. "It just wasn't a good way for Jesse to grow up...The stability really wasn't there."

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The friend seems to think Jesse was trying to pretend he was ready to be with a wholesome woman like Sandra. "He wants the stability, yet he's still attracted to the wild ones...women just [throw] themselves at him."

Jesse and his father don’t speak anymore, but the damage was definitely done. A friend says of the father and son, "I don't think they'll ever get back together."

As you may recall, after the Tiger Woods scandal broke, it was uncovered that his father had also been unfaithful to his mother. Things like that really stick with a person. And in both Tiger and Jesse’s cases, it carried over to both of their lives.