Jesse James' Employees Support Him

March 26, 2010 By:
Jesse James' Employees Support Him

Jesse James is enemy number one for the tabloids and media right now, but he still has the support of his staff at West Coast Choppers in Long Beach, California.

Jesse has been working extra long hours lately, hoping to keep his mind off the fact that his wife Sandra Bullock could very well serve him with divorce papers.

Fourth Jesse James Mistress Comes Forward

"Usually, it's upbeat, everybody's outgoing, joking around," a 24-year-old, longtime employee of both West Coast Choppers and Cisco Burger, James's Long Beach eco-friendly burger joint tells People. "Now when you walk in, it's dark and gloomy."

James, this worker says, is "keeping to himself right now," putting on a brave face when his children are around. "He's showing them that he's fine, but I really know he's not," she says. "You can just tell by the way he sits in his office. He has a blank look."

Sandra: If I Was Elin I'd Get the Baseball Bat Out

We don't blame him for having a "blank look," his life is literally falling apart before his very eyes and he's the only one to blame for it.

Yesterday two more mistresses came forward in the Jesse James alleged cheating scandal bringing the final count up to four. According to reports, he broke it off with mistress number four in the last month only when the scandal of mistress number one went public.

Sorry Jesse, but you don't get the sympathy card from us. If you're depressed, you're the only one to blame.