Jesse James and Kat Von D: Wedding on Hold

June 16, 2011 By:
Jesse James and Kat Von D: Wedding on Hold

Hollywood's most hated bachelor, Jesse James, and tattoo queen, Kat Von D, have put their wedding on hold. They announced their engagement in January of this year but apparently aren't going through with it.

Jesse was previously married to Sandra Bullock until he cheated on her. He was linked to Kat Von D barely two months after Bullock filed for divorce.

An insider tells Life & Style that Jesse has confirmed the split to his friends, “He says there's too much drama for him.”

Like all pseudo-celebrities they rushed to their smart phones to tweet about the breakup. “Funny how things go from amazing to s-t in the blink of an eye,” Tweets Jesse on June 5. Kat took a slightly higher road tweeting, “I have no regrets.”

I don't know what Kat saw in him in the first place. During Jesse's book tour (yeah, he wrote a book) he basically used the interviews to bash Sandra Bullock and said Kat was 100% better in bed than Bullock. This was probably more embarrassing for Kat than flattering.

Try bouncing back after this one Jesse. First you cheat on Sandra Bullock with a stripper, then tattoo artist Kat is somehow willing to date you. Now that you're back on the market what scummy plans do you have to stay in the limelight? Date one of those MTV pregnant teens? Befriend Anthony Weiner? There's nothing too low for Jesse James.