Donald Trump: Jesse James Was Foolish

March 19, 2010 By:
Donald Trump: Jesse James Was Foolish

Donald Trump has broken his silence on Jesse James’ alleged affair. He’s been friends with him and wife Sandra Bullock ever since James appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. And Donald admits he’s shocked at Jesse’s behavior, calling their situation a “real mess.”

Trump spoke to Star magazine about the cheating scandal, and said, "I'm very surprised, especially because I know Sandra and how nice she is. She's such a great person. And what surprises me even more is he always gave me the impression he was totally in love with her. It doesn’t change my image of him, but I thought he respected Sandra and loved her."

What’s ironic is that the mistress, Michelle McGee, claims the affair began while Jesse was shooting Celebrity Apprentice! She said in April 2009 she emailed West Coast Choppers to pursue modeling opportunities. Jesse himself replied to her inquiry and a week later they were having sex on his office couch.

While Donald notes that Jesse was a "very smart" contestant but "very argumentative" during the show, he says, "Jesse did something very foolish — obviously. I think it's very unfortunate. Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? But I can say this Sandra is a high-quality person and I respect her tremendously.”

That seems to be the general consensus. It just seems unfathomable that someone could do something do hurtful to a person like Sandra Bullock. That woman is one in a million!