Donald Trump Defends Tiger and Jesse

April 2, 2010 By:
Donald Trump Defends Tiger and Jesse

Sometimes we wish Donald Trump would just shut his mouth. He’s spoken out about both Tiger Woods and Jesse James, and is defending them!

Trump thinks both men were put under a lot of pressure, which ultimately made both of them buckle, which led to the affairs.

Jesse James Got Mistress Pregnant

He said of Woods, "Tiger's a friend of mine. I really like him a lot. "I really think that there's tremendous pressure you wouldn't understand from the world of golf.”

And the Donald didn’t stop there—he also sort of sided with James as well, saying, "I also know Jesse James very well. He's a tough guy and a smart guy."

Donald Trump: Jesse James Was Foolish

But Trump admitted he had suspicions about the marriage to Bullock all along. "I always wondered why he didn't bring Sandra on the show. I guess now we know."

When news of the Jesse James scandal first broke, Donald was quick to bash him calling him "foolish," but it looks like he's singing a different tune now.

Is it just us, or does this seem a little inappropriate? Even if you are “friends” with someone, you shouldn’t condone their behavior when they have multiple affairs!