Jesse Eisenberg Scared to Attend the Oscars

February 9, 2011 By:
Jesse Eisenberg Scared to Attend the Oscars

At a luncheon in Beverly Hills this Monday, Jesse Eisenberg said that he's nervous about attending the Oscars:

"I feel like when I was 13 and I had to go to bar mitzvahs every weekend. This is the same feeling. You have to put on a suit every weekend to go meet with a bunch of Jews."

I swear, if this guy can't wear sweats and a hoodie he freaks out. Put on a damn tie, Eisenberg, it's not going to kill you. (Oh, hold up. I'm thinking of Mark Zuckerberg. Wait...who's who? THIS IS A MIND F*CK!!)

Eisenberg also recently admitted he was anxious to meet Mark Zuckerberg on the set of Saturday Night Live:

"I was nervous to meet him, because I spent a year and a half thinking about him."

So basically, this guy spends his life constantly terrified, most likely hiding under his covers anytime his agent comes over. But seriously, he is grateful about going to the Oscars:

"It's been nice, and I think the alternative would be if nobody liked your movie, so this is better."

You're right on, Jesse. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.