The Situation's Scenes Cut from Season 2

June 15, 2010 By:
The Situation's Scenes Cut from Season 2

Someone needs to give Mike "The Situation" a reality check.

The reality star is convinced that Jersey Shore turned him into an A-lister
so he's acting like a major diva on set.

Mike is apparently making filming a nightmare for producers—so much that most of his footage is unusable.

Mike The Situation's Rap Song: Fist Pump Failure

Sources tell TMZ he’s defiant, and obsessed with so-called "deal making" on the phone to look important.

"It's gotten ridiculous. If we tell him not to cross the street, he will. He just defies us," says a source.

Mike The Situation: I'm the New King of Reality TV

According to TMZ, "The Situation is out of control. As a result, a lot of what's already been shot is unusable, because it doesn't even resemble a reality show."

Let’s hope he’s not wheeling and dealing from that duck phone!