Snooki's New Boyfriend Encourages Her Drinking

August 17, 2010 By:
Snooki's New Boyfriend Encourages Her Drinking

Jersey Shore’s pint-sized Snooki has found herself a new man….but he may not be the best influence on her.

His name is Jeff Miranda, a 24-year-old Iraq war vet from Jersey who met at—where else—Karma. In an interview with Us Magazine, Miranda says he doesn’t mind his new gal pal is a party girl.

"We hit it off really, really good," Miranda says. "Nicole is actually really cute and seems like a cool a** person, even though she's drunk most of the time. She's a real sweet girl."

After meeting at the nighclub and dancing all night, Miranda says he and Snooks "had in-depth conversations about each other's lives, what our backgrounds were...It was almost like an instant connection.”

"The way the show depicts her and makes her seem is totally not her," Miranda insists. "She honestly has one of the biggest hearts...She is really not how everybody thinks she is."

Apparently this guy wants to stick around too. He’s thinking it could turn into a relationship with Snooki. "I really hope it will be something that we can continue," he says. "I just want to be happy with this one girl, we had a great connection, everything went beautiful. I don't need somebody else's fame to make my fame."

This is coming from the guy who admitted to auditioning for Jersey Shore. We guess, technically, he made it!