Snooki Hooks up With The Situation

January 15, 2010 By:
Snooki Hooks up With The Situation

Snooki hasn’t been the luckiest person when it comes to love. But apparently behind the scenes, she’s been getting some attention from the biggest ladies man of all—The Situation!  

The two Jersey Shore cast members appeared on Chelsea Lately last night and the late night host picked up on their chemistry right away. Not wasting any time, Chelsea asked if they’d hooked up.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he replied.

"It's not awkward at all," Snooki told Handler. "If I wanna make out with him right now, I can. It's not weird."

The Situation also clarified what "hooking up" means.

The Situation also clarified what hooking up with Snooki entails. "On the show, it's just a kiss,” he said. “But sometimes, on the road, it's a little more than that. We save the special stuff for on the road."

It's hilarious how these people have become part of our lives! We live for Jersey Shore episodes, and so does Leonardo DiCaprio! The Situation recalled one night in Hollywood recently where they saw Leo at a club, and the actor yelled at them, “GTL, baby!”

That’s code for “gym-tan-laundry.”  Cast member Vinnie tells E! that Leo told him, “Vinny, you're a good Italian kid.' I guess he saw the episode where my family comes. They were all saying I'm a good kid, level-headed, have a good family and stuff like that."

We highly doubt they’ll ever reach A-list status, but we’re sure the entire cast is enjoying their time in the spotlight! Check out the cast on Chelsea below!