Sammi and Ronnie Back Together Despite the Cheating

September 3, 2010 By:
Sammi and Ronnie Back Together Despite the Cheating

Sammi needs a major wake-up call. The Jersey Shore star is reportedly back on with her cheating boyfriend Ronnie. On last night’s episode, sh*t hit the fan after Sam learned Snooki and J=Woww were the ones to write her the anonymous letter detailing Ron’s escapades.

Ron and Sam then went live on the Jersey Shore after hours show, and he didn’t even seem apologetic! "I regret getting caught," he said. "I don't regret having a good time. I regret getting into bed with Sammi after I got home. That was my downside."

Sam responded saying, "I feel embarrassed now. I feel like I just leeched on to the person who was hurting me."

But then Ron switched gears saying, "I've learned a lot watching the show. I have something good. I have an amazing girl, and she doesn't deserve to be treated that way."

Sam added, "I think he is actually really trying to show me the good instead of the bad. That's what I hold on to all the time."

It’s like she’ll believe any bullsh*t lie that comes out of Ronnie’s mouth! It’s her own fault—Ronnie’s clearly just being a douchey 23-year old. They need to break up for good!