Ronnie Kicks The Situations A**, Season 4 Has Officially Begun

May 24, 2011 By:
Ronnie Kicks The Situations A**, Season 4 Has Officially Begun

Ronnie and Mike “The Situation” got into a fist fight with each other Monday night. They must have been fighting over something of great importance. Most likely politics.

Jersey Shore is officially in its forth season, and it was either going to start with a punch, an arrest, or Ronnie throwing Sammi down the stairs before yelling “I’m done!”

In fact, it was the ongoing feud between Ronnie and Sammi that apparently spurred the fight. Mike and Ronnie arrived separately to their Florence apartment, and the Situation had red marks covering his face. Ronnie’s knuckles were torn up and bleeding, but that could’ve just been from him dragging them on the ground when he walks.

If you’re dumb enough to follow the show (and I am, but of course only ironically, to build character, you know?), you’re familiar with the ongoing problems between Sammi and Ronnie. Well expect more of them, because the two were already seen holding hands in Italy.

So this is pretty much the synopsis of season 4: Mike getting punched, Sammi fighting with Ronnie, JWowws boobs, and Snooki talking about wieners. Also, I just revealed the entire pitch for the show.

The cast is in Florence, Italy filming for the upcoming season. The cast and crew had a difficult time finally getting necessary permissions to shoot in Florence. I’m pretty sure it had everything to do with the CDC worrying about the spread of herpes.