Ronnie Drops Sammi Like a Bad Habit

January 11, 2011 By:
Ronnie Drops Sammi Like a Bad Habit

We’re only one episode into the third season of Jersey Shore, and Sammi and Ronni are already ruining the mood. But good news, they reportedly broke up, so get ready to see roided-up Ron hitting the club any second now.

According to The Insider, they’ve finally decided the relationship isn’t working, and have called it quits.

Sam, being the needy emotional chick she is, wants nothing to do with her grease monkey ex, and even de-friended him on Facebook. So they got that cool upstairs room in the house for nothing!

Just last week, the two pretended they were still dating, with Ron telling Good Morning America, "Me and Sam are working through some stuff right now. We're still talking and we'll see what happens."

Sammi added: "I think you should watch the show to really get a feel of how our relationship pans out."

He admitted that seeing their relationship on camera has added to its downfall. "Most relationships don't have to relive the bad parts. We have to relive it over and over every Thursday at 10 o'clock plus the re-runs!"

"It stresses out the relationship," agreed Sammi.

As much as I hate them, I’m definitely one of the 8 million who tune in to watch the mess unfold every week. And you know you are too!