Producer: Jersey Shore is Totally Scripted

September 10, 2010 By:
Producer: Jersey Shore is Totally Scripted

News flash! Jersey Shore is reportedly scripted! A producer connected with the hit reality show tells website that everything the viewers see is planned beforehand.

The source says, "Everything you see is all well scripted by a whole team of people; The situations, the arrests, the cheating, everything is planned. Sammi and Ronnie are still together, Snooki's ‘boyfriends’ have all been planted, and the amazing one-liners you hear from The Situation are all given to him behind the scenes.”

The producer goes on to explain, “We have to stick to a script or it would just get boring... The only thing that is real is when outsiders at different clubs get involved."

OMG, so that catfight between JWOWW and Sammi was all fake?! Say it isn’t so!!! We don’t know why anyone believes any reality show out there is real!