Mayor of Florence Keeps Jersey Shore from Drinking

April 20, 2011 By:
Mayor of Florence Keeps Jersey Shore from Drinking

Florence, Italy has done everything short of building a giant wall to keep the cast of Jersey Shore out of its city.

The Mayor of Florence is restricting the cast from being filmed drinking in public or in bars and clubs that serve alcohol. That's half the show!

What's next, are they gonna restrict Ronnie from telling Sammie he's "done"? Because if that's the case, we all might as well start watching the Syfy channel. Or God forbid, reading a book.

Another thing we can expect to see less of? Snooki. Because she just posted a picture of herself on Twitter, and she looks about as good as someone with Elvira hair and bright orange skin can.

"As everyone's planning their night at the club, I'm wondering when Gold's Gym closes," Snooki Tweeted recently.

I've been meaning to finish The Fountainhead anyway.