JWoww: I Will Light The Jersey Shore House On Fire If They Replace Us!

July 26, 2012 By:
JWoww: I Will Light The Jersey Shore House On Fire If They Replace Us!

Jersey Shore” has already wrapped filming on Season 6, proving that the "Jersey Shore" cast mates are safe for now, but some Internet rumblings have suggested that for Season 7, the Shore house will find all new tenants, meaning that Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Ronnie, Pauly D, Deena and The Situation are all getting replaced.

“I would go off on MTV [if that happened],” JWoww tells Hollyscoop with a laugh, “I would burn down that house.”

Remember when "The Hills" aired their last episode? Sad day, right? What if they tried to replace LC, Heidi, and Audrina with some other blonde L.A. girls? It just wouldn’t fly.

That’s exactly how JWoww feels about the “Jersey Shore.”

“We die with MTV,” says JWoww, “They didn’t recreate ‘The Hills’ because who could replace ‘The Hills?’ Who could recreate ‘The Jersey Shore’ without it turning into ‘The Real World?’”

Just to emphasize what would happen to the Jersey Shore house if they ever tried to replace the cast, JWoww jokes, “I guarantee you, me and Ronnie would light that house on fire while Mike pees on all the beds. Nobody is taking that from us.”

Message received. MTV, did you get that?

JWoww says if the show ever tried to replace the cast, it would be like “The Real World” with a revolving door of zany characters living in a house together, but mostly, it would be a bunch of guidos doing their best “Jersey Shore” impression.

“They would just reenact us and just try to overreact,” says JWoww.

When that day comes we'll just continue watching "Snooki & JWoww" season 2! Haaayyy!