JWoww & Snooki Have Strict Rules For 'Jersey Shore' Spinoff

February 10, 2012 By:
JWoww & Snooki Have Strict Rules For 'Jersey Shore' Spinoff

The Mayor of Hoboken might have denied them, but come on, these people fought off the entire country of Italy. Nothing is going to stop them
at this point.

'Jersey Shore' stars JWoww and Snooki have been in talks for a spinoff
for some time now, and yes, it's finally happening. That means more
smushing, juicing, and fist pumping, and if you have no idea what any
of those things are—oh, how I envy you.

The show got the ok from Jersey City, but it's going to come at a
price. JWoww and Snooki are basically required to have a SWAT Team
around them at all times.

For one, four police officers must be stationed at Snooki and JWoww's
residence at all times. When the girls leave the house, police
officers have to stay with the cast and crew. They say they'll be
keeping their distance, but will be watching closely.

How long before these guys are doing the Jersey Turnpike and/or
spending the night in the Smush Room?

Producers have been warned that if any cops are called in because of
something that happens on the show, they must reimburse Jersey City
for the costs.

Jersey City is about to get rich.

They also made sure that the cops' salaries will be paid by the
production company, and not the taxpayers. Also, they're required to
pay for their own parking spaces because the mayor of Jersey City,
Jerramiah Healy, doesn’t want them taking available spots from

Production is set to begin later this month. Pauly D is also set to
have his own 'Jersey Shore' spinoff.