Jersey Shore Returns Tonight With More Roid Rage and GTL

January 6, 2011 By:
Jersey Shore Returns Tonight With More Roid Rage and GTL

The day has arrived! Jersey Shore season 3 premieres tonight, and it’s pretty apparent this is going to be the hottest mess best of all.

Angelina is out for good, and she’s been replaced with Snooki’s friend Deena Nicole, whom Ronnie recently referred to as a “gremlin lookalike.”

Speaking of Ron, there’s a blind item that came out today that screeeeeams him. Here it is:

That certain couple on the big MTV hit reality show has been off and on. Not just because of his cheating though. Nope. It seems that he has also hit his girlfriend. More than once. She just keeps taking him back though.

Moving on to Snooks. Our fave little beefcake has made a New Year’s Resolution—and thankfully it doesn’t involve more trips to the tanning bed. “My number one [resolution] is definitely to keep up with my training and keep losing weight and getting toned,” she told E! News.

She also wants to curb her drinking, a resolution I she breaks for the sake of the show. “I just have to quit the drinking so much. If I do drink, it's going to be, like, vodka and seltzer...maybe like two or three,” she recently told Ellen.

“I want to remember my night, and sometimes I just don't,” she said. “It sucks.”

Wow. To get inside that brain of hers…

Make sure to tune in tonight at 10PM on MTV! This may be the last we see of Pauly since he’s getting his own spin-off!

GTL baby!