Jersey Shore Moving to Ibiza

February 2, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Moving to Ibiza

We do know this much—the entire original cast of Jersey Shore is returning for a second season. But what happens when you take the guidos and guidettes out of their safe zone? We hear buzz that the show will not be returning to Seaside Heights.

MTV sources tell TMZ that producers have already scouted out 10 cities in the U.S. as possible new party pads for the cast. And we also hear they’re looking overseas. Producers have even made sure everyone has a valid passport.

Adding fuel to the fire, Jersey Shore’s Twitter account now reads: “What do you think about Jersey Shore in Ibiza?”

Snooki also tweeted today, “I want to live in Ibiza…”

And she might not be too far off! Yesterday on the Today Show, The Situation told Meredith Viera that the show would begin shooting in two weeks. So we can assume the entire eastern seaboard, minus Florida, is out.

There’s a chance they trek out west to the sunny shore of Southern California, but that’s seems a little obvious. Plus, with the paparazzi everywhere, they’re secret would be out in no time.

A rep for MTV tells Hollyscoop, "Season 2 will be in new location, but we haven't confirmed where yet." Hey surprises are great for ratings!

We’d love to see Mike "The Situation", Pauley D, JWoww and the gang getting down with their glow sticks in Ibiza. Guidos versus the Euro Trash!