'Jersey Shore' May Not Be Real

July 1, 2011 By:
'Jersey Shore' May Not Be Real

In case anyone thought this was a documentary, there’s pretty hardcore evidence that Jersey Shore is completely staged.

The most obvious is that seven mentally challenged people would never be allowed to live alone. But aside from that, The Daily Mail has also pointed out inconsistencies in some of the scenes. I’ll go ahead and apologize in advance for wasting the next thirty seconds of your life:

In a frame from a fight between Snooki and Angelina Pivarnick in Season 2, JWoww is wearing white socks. But in the next frame, she's barefoot. Then, the socks are back on after that.

I can only imagine the look of shock on the face of the person who discovered this. “You mean…this isn’t real? Say it aint so!” I'm more distracted that JWoww was brave enough to take her socks off in the Jersey Shore house. There's more sh-t crawling around that house than a YMCA shower. Most people wouldn't enter that place without wearing rain boots and a Hazmat suit.

The cast was also recently spotted rehearsing and reshooting takes in Italy earlier in the month. Spoiler alert, in case anyone actually gives a sh-t. A waitress at the Astor Café saw Pauly D and Vinnie discussing a fight that they were about to have while inside the restaurant. They then went outside and had the fight.

I actually feel better about myself hearing this news. Because now I can tell myself I’m destroying my brain cells on a scripted sitcom rather than a crappy reality show. Sure, it’s still terrible, but something has to get me through Season 4.