Jersey Shore Chicago in the Works

March 5, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Chicago in the Works

There’s nothing quite like the Jersey Shore. But the reality show has become such a phenomenon around the country, that everyone is copying the guidos and guidettes we’ve come to love.

Word on the street is that a reality show is in the works that will focus on Chicago’s South Side, known for being slightly lower class and crime-ridden.

According to the Huffington Post, a casting company is looking for South Siders to be a part of a “Jersey Shore” reality show.

The casting reads:

* Are you between the ages 19-27yrs? (Irish, Latino, Italian, Polish... open to all races and nationalities)

* Do you openly celebrate your true Southside self as a true Southsider?

* Are you the GUY or GIRL who is awesome in oh so many ways?

* Are you sexy, crazy, fun, outgoing, outrageous, love to make things exciting, always up for an adventure, and a HUGE SOX fan who thinks the CUBS suck? If so, then we want you, your friends, your total awesomeness.

We don’t know if they can possibly find the next Snooki in Chicago, but we’re all for another Jersey Shore-like show on television!